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Pilot Begak Alexander

We, a command Sky Odyssey, address to all inhabitants of the Earth and chapters of the states: " In day when we will establish an obelisk of Peace and a capsule with the message of the World to our descendants on South Pole to stop all military actions. Let even one day on our planet will pass without wars and terror, and becomes Day of Peace and Reason!
Pilot Begak Alexander
Paralet New achievements
We have created a new type of transport
Pilot Begak Alexander Navigator Rudenko Gena
New researches
We have carried out researches, scientists have helped with testing the newest aerospace development in extreme conditions of Antarctica and have lead a number of ecological and humanitarian actions
Pilot Begak Alexander Navigator Rudenko Gena
New heroes
We have become history of mankind, as the people who have laid out in Antarctica the most scale appeal to the peace from scarlet tapes - a word "MIR", which means 'peace' in Russian!
Are you with us?!
New horizons
We will realize the most complicated problem in delivery of the Obelisk of the Peace to Southern top of a planet.
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 Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in Southern federal region Dmitry Kozak has directed a greeting to participants of the National youth project " Sky Odissey- To Glory of Russia! "
 Antarctica was drilled to the bottom
Concentration of carbonic gas and metane in the atmosphere of the Earth has broken all records
 Cosmonauts of the Russian Federation plan to carry out a parachute jump on South Pole
Famous Russian cosmonauts together with participants of expedition " Sky Odissey- In glory of Russia " planning in the beginning of the year make parachute Jump to South Pole.
 From Nostradamys's Prediction 2006
 Tests of the Antarctic technics
In Antarctica polar explorers will gather for a solemn liturgy from many countries today. They will come in unique orthodox church Sacred Zhivonachalnoy Trinity, erected on the most southern continent.
 In Antarctica polar explorers will gather for a solemn liturgy from many countries today. They will come in unique orthodox church Sacred Zhivonachalnoy Trinity, erected on the most southern continent.
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We - a command Sky Odyssey - set as the purpose to unite all progressive mankind in the name of the Peace. We collect wishes and references of our contemporaries to those who will live on this planet after us that they did not repeat our mistakes and have kept the Earth for descendants. We should be the complete world and live, to create for the good of mankind. All references and wishes will be placed in the Capsule of the Peace and incorporated in the Obelisk which will be delivered to Southern top of a planet - to Antarctica in the end of 2006.

The idea of this action - has arisen in the south of Russia where people on themselves have felt tragedy of war, terror and loss of relatives. And at the initial stage the project was approved by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Mayor of Moscow Jury Luzhkov, the children's Doctor of the World Leonid Roshal and thousand people have supported it, having left the wishes on our site.

There was not enough time to join our movement "Sky Odyssey", we invite the international organizations, sponsors, patrons of art and is simple those who sincerely grieves about the Peace and cleanliness of our planet!


Step I.

In March 2005 our command, - has reached Antarctica, continent of the World and Cleanliness, continent on which never was wars and terror, has drawn from fabric tapes on a pure snow a word  'mir,' which means 'peace' in Russian, and Moscow 2012 and crew of International Space Station Salizhan Sharipov and Leroy CHiao have made a picture and have shown its all WORLD! Thus, we have shown everything, that we wish to live in the light, pure and safe future of a planet, - in our Future!


Video NTV 2005 Video (6.9 Mb)

More video RTR More video (3.6 Mb)

Step II

In March 2006 - in Antarctica the advance party has carried out the coordination of the plan of the fourth step of the project with the international partners. In complex weather conditions there was tested a wing of new model of begalet, an equipment and polar suits for final expedition. The basic purpose of a command was to find and deliver to Moscow a talisman - "Heart of an obelisk of the Peace ", left in Antarctica during the last stage "Sky Odyssey", and also a stone from a glacier located on King George island. A stone and a talisman become a part symbolical of "the Obelisk of the Peace " in which the capsule will be built in, containing hundred thousand wishes to the future generations of the earthmen collected by organizing committee of the project by mail and Internet. An obelisk will establish on South Pole.


Step III

The summer 2006, within the limits of preparation of flight on South Pole on new model of begalet, created in aviation laboratory "Scarab", will undertake attempt of an establishment of a world record. Flight is planned above Moscow. Crew of the Scarab: pilot Alexander Begak and young navigator Gennady Rudenko (14 years).


Step IV

In November 2006 - January 2007 our command will realize the first in history "Flight of the Peace" on a route "Moscow - South Pole - Moscow", with the international landing on American station " Amundsen-Scott ", and will deliver "the Capsule of the Peace" with your wishes to the future generations of Earthmen to South Pole of a planet.

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